What Are The Best Materials for Athletic Socks (& Which Socks Are Worth Buying)?

Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

Blisters are never conducive to an athlete’s performance and neither are extra sweaty feet that result in nail or foot fungus. The dreaded athlete’s foot thrives in moist environments, so knowing what materials to shop for when it comes to sports socks is absolutely imperative for both comfort and health.

Socks are part of a player’s uniform that you do need to pay attention to. Bottom lines may be cut and budgets on the socks slashed because of the preconceived notion that they just aren’t as important as the jersey, but in reality, spending a little more on this piece of footwear could save a lot of hardship in the future.

Best Materials For Athletic Socks

You may be surprised that cotton didn’t make the list of best materials for athletic socks. Although cotton is a fan favorite among the clothing world, it just isn’t the best to dress your feet in. Cotton absorbs water, so by the end of their warm-up athletes’ feet may be trapped in a cool and wet casing.


This is a fabric that is usually blended with others to create a piece of clothing – or in this case – a sock. Nylon is what adds the durability to a design and it dries rather quickly as well!


Acrylic is a really versatile fabric. It too can be blended with others but also stand, mostly, on its own. It dries quickly and gives an extra bout of cushion and comfort to a sock’s design.

Merino Wool

One of the more expensive fabrics to work with, merino wool is also known to be one of the best when it comes to socks. It’s breathable (not just for winter), soft, non-itchy, and resistant to odors – making it the perfect material for socks!

Athletic Socks Worth Buying

People Socks Merino Wool Hiking Trekking Crew Socks | $35

People Socks Merino Wool Hiking Trekking Crew SocksPerfect for all outdoor activities, PEOPLE SOCKS are made from natural merino wool and they’re anti-microbial too! The design also features a reinforced toe and heel for premium durability. What’s great about buying this pack is the year-warranty that comes with it. If your socks fall apart in any way, shape, or form within a year, you’ll get a new pack sent to you free of charge.

Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks | $16.99

Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks

We already know Adidas gear is great for athletes, but now we know that even their socks are great for the team. Made from a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester, they feature a cushioned foot and moisture-wicking to keep feet dry from sweat. These socks also have arch compression for a more secure and snug fit – no scrunching up inside a sneaker or cleat.

Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks | $14.97

Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

These acrylic designs are also moisture-wicking and made with anti-blister dot technology. Perfect for running or other everyday activities, it sports a mesh top for breathability. There’s also a bit of light arch support and a no-slip cuff to keep the light design from scrunching inside your shoe.