10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

10 creative fundraising ideas for sports teams and schools
Tired of the same old boring fundraisers? Check out this list of 10 creative, new and different fundraising ideas. Great for sports teams, schools or any group that needs to do a fundraiser!

We have been on a number teams and schools where we have been asked to participate in a fundraiser. After more than 9 years of fundraiser after fundraiser I have to admit that I don’t want to buy another tub of cookie dough or another roll or wrapping paper. It seems that we do the same fundraisers over and over again!

There are definitely other options available to schools and teams…these are items or services that people will actually use! The more functional, practical and useful the products and services are will make a difference in how successful the fundraiser can be.

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

Customized Elite Socks

customized socks for a fundraiser

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love to wear Elite socks.  Even though they are expensive, I must say they last forever! Recently, our high school baseball team sold custom socks for the high school and my boys LOVE them! This fundraiser was a huge hit and very successful!

$1 Candy Bars

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

This fundraiser idea has been around for years..personally, I know that after my many years of working in schools this has always been one of the most successful because everyone you know will buy a candy bar for a $1! The cost is so low, kids will scrounge up change to buy a candy bar and adults will buy multiples. The profit is 50% and you can’t beat that! Find out more here.

Rent-an-Athlete or Rent-a-Student

The best part about this fundraiser is that there is a 100% profit! Your organization can offer to “rent your students” to families to do mow their lawns, do yard work, walk their dogs, help clean out their garage or any other jobs they might need done. This is typically done in increments of 30 minutes. It’s pretty cut and dry and a great money maker!

Personalized Phone Cases

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

Just about everyone has  a smart phone…why not offer personalized phone cases? It’s a great way to support your team or school…super cute! The moms will definitely fall for this fundraiser!

Car Wash Tickets

Try selling car wash tickets to a local car wash. Many of these companies will give back 50% of the profits. Contact the local carwash nearest you to see what fundraiser program they have. For our local Indianapolis readers, here’s the link to the Mike’s Car Wash Fundraiser page.

Trash Bags

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

Although these are not the most exciting products, they are great sellers because everyone uses trash bags! The overall price point is really low which is a great selling point.  A few companies that do the trash bag fundraiser are:

Temporary Tattoos

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

Kids love to wear temporary tattoos, and it’s a great way to show your school and team spirit.  These sell for about a $1 or less which means that they will be big sellers! It’s also a great item to sell throughout the season. Check them out!

Discount Card

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

These cards include discounts to both national and local restaurants and retailers that can be used repetitively for one year. The cards are typically $15 or $20 and profit is at least 50% and up to 93%. Often times this fundraiser is one that a school or team will do every year because people love the cards and look for the students to sell them annually!

Restaurant Night

Everyone needs to eat! So match that need with an opportunity to earn money from the profits of a local restaurant and you have a win-win situation! Many restaurants will share 10-20% of total sales with your organization. Simply set up a night with the restaurant and get as many people to eat at that particular restaurant on the designated date! Here is a short list of some restaurants that do this fundraiser:


Duct Tape Your Coach Principal to the Wall

10 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

The great thing about this fundraiser is your only out-of pocket expense is the duct tape! Sell a yard of tape for $1 and see if you get enough tape to hold the coach or principal up on the wall! Make sure to pick a prime time to hold the fundraiser…such as during the opening season football game, opening day for baseball, a home basketball game etc! The kids LOVE this fundraiser and the profits are phenomenal!

*Photo courtesy of Coxsackie-Athens School District

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