Apps & Tech Tools for Busy Team Moms

Updated November 21, 2017 – Being Team Mom doesn’t have to take lots of time and energy. Let technology make the job easier! These apps, tech tools, and websites can help you communicate efficiently, organize effectively, and more.

Stay Organized

Manage Sign Up Sheets

VolunteerSpot / Free

SignupSave time managing team sign-ups for snack schedules, carpool duty, concessions and fundraisers with free online signups from VolunteerSpot. With mobile access, eCalendar sync and automated reminders, this free go-to tech tool is perfect to help you ditch clipboards and other cumbersome sign-up systems.

Make it easy for parents to pitch in as volunteer assistants for practices, snack providers, concession workers, and more. Best of all, this system is mobile friendly, with companion iOS and Android apps available after you set up your free account.

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TeamPages / Free

TeamPagesThis system is great if you need to set up your team’s own website. The developers provide you with everything you need, so you need not be a web designer to get set up. Use their tools and you’ll have a team webpage up in no time.

A webpage for your team makes it easy to get information out to all families all at the same time, and it also makes a great place to allow new players to find your organization. The system also has communications and other tools that you’ll love.

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Cozi Family Calendar/ free

Cozi Family OrganizerHere’s a great idea-help families get and stay organized by using a group calendar like this one. The Cozi Family Calendar features checklists, alerts, and customizable reminders. Keep everyone in the loop about team schedules, events, practice time changes and when that rain-delayed game was rescheduled.

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Finding What You Want

Around Me / Free

AroundMeThere’s nothing worse than being in an unfamiliar area with a bunch of hungry athletes, and not knowing where to get a good burger. This app will solve that problem and more as you travel around with the team.

You can be the “mom that saves the day” by letting this app help you find exactly what you need, even in a new town. Check out nearby restaurants, find the nearest gas station, and more.

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Stay in Touch


TeamSnap / Free

TeamSnap-Sport Team ManagementSave time and energy by using an app like this one to communicate with your entire team whenever you need to make announcements, sign families up for helping, or even work on fundraising. This system has a lot to offer team moms.

You can even use it to help you with functions like keeping tabs on who has paid their fees and who needs reminded, getting RSVPs for events, and organizing carpools for your travel games. Best of all, there are free companion apps for both iOS and Android systems.

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Group Text! / $2.99

Group Text!Here’s an easy way to text all fifteen or twenty families on your team at the same time. And it’s true that many younger adults much prefer texting as their primary means of communication. This app allows you to easily send out group messages without having to type everything in each time. Saves you time and effort!



Rosterbot / Free

RosterBot Mobile Team ManagerGet the word out about practice changes, position assignments, and more with this handy system. It even allows you to create event-specific pages where you can embed digital maps, game-specific assignments, and more.

Keep everyone up to date with a chat channel, as well. This app offers a lot of tools to help you stay in touch with players and families.

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Fun and Games

Games on the Go

Heads Up! / 99 cents

Heads Up!Got some time on your hands and need to occupy excited players? Maybe you have a long car ride, or perhaps they are getting antsy because of a rain delay. This great game is perfect for waiting time anytime you need it.

It’s suitable for groups of any size, it’s easy to play, and it’s fun. Use it as a tool to help you keep order and occupy your charges whenever you need to, and the coaches will bless you all season long!

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Team Essentials

Nice Touches

Pinterest/ Free

Pinterest is well-known for crafty ideas, but did you know that there are also some great boards for team moms, as well? Check out things like creative coach gift ideas, healthy snack recipes, decoration ideas for the team party, and inspiration of all sorts (like quotes and cheers). It’s your go-to for great ideas!

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FlipGive / Free

What team doesn’t need more cash? Flipgive makes a nice substitute or supplement for your team’s fundraising efforts.  And all families need to do is go shopping!

Flipgive has partnered with huge retail names, like Kohl’s, WalMart, and Macy’s, so that members can shop in these businesses, and the businesses will give a small percentage of the sale back to your group. It doesn’t come much easier than that!

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