Baseball and Glove Brownie Dessert

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownie Dessert

We are all looking for fun and EASY treats to bring to practices and games, so this month we are doing a series on sports themed foods. These sweet treats were a breeze to whip up and came out so cute, don’t you think??

What you need:  brownie mix (or two)  and required ingredients, powdered sugar donut holes, pack of Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel Candy, and Baseball Glove Cookie Cutter, foil

Start by making your favorite brownies.  My tip: line your baking dish with foil before pouring in the batter.  It makes it SO much easier to get out of the pan and will save you a headache…trust me!! 😉

Cookware, Pots/Pants, etc. You’ll Need

Here is a list of what you’ll need to prepare this recipe:

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies-1

 While the brownies are baking, you can make all your “baseballs”.  Start by cutting a little bit off one side so you have a flat surface and they don’t roll off the glove.  Then use a knife to make small curved slits to form the stitches of the ball.

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies-1-2

 Pull apart a few strands from a Twizzler and carefully push it into the grooves you made with the knife.

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies-1-3

After the brownies have mostly cooled, use the glove cookie cutter to make the gloves.  I got 6-7 gloves per pan.  (The extra brownie pieces will not go to waste, I promise!!)

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies-1-4

 Add the balls to the gloves and you are done.

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies

The kids loved these and they weren’t only cute but they are delicious…I mean who doesn’t love brownies and donuts? 😉

EASY Glove and Baseball Brownies-1-7

These would also be great for a BASEBALL THEMED party!!

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