Fish on a Stick – Fun Sports Themed Food Idea

Sports Themed Party Food Ideas: “Fish on a Stick” Is A Fun Option for a Swim Team Party or Birthday Pool Party

This month, every Wednesday we are sharing sports themed food…today we’re sharing an option for swimmers!

The “Fish on a Stick” is a fun option for a swim team party, a birthday pool party or even an ocean themed party! The treat is a super simple addition to your themed party and are easy to make.

How to Make “Fish on a Stick”

I grabbed some green flower foam I already had at home and put it in a glass bowl, covered it with blue tissue paper…now my base was ready to hold the fish on the stick.

Fish on a Stick

Next, I gathered my ingredients..some Vienna Finger Cookies, Swedish Fish and a bit of frosting.

Fish on a StickI took kabob skewers and put them through the middle of each cookie. Next, I put a little bit of  frosting in a ziplock bag with some blue food coloring. Mix the food coloring thoroughly into the frosting. I clipped the corner of the ziplock bag off to make a homemade icing bag and piped the “water” onto the cookie.

Fish on a Stick

For the last step I took just a bit frosting and put it on the back of the Swedish Fish, then stuck them to the cookie.
Fish on a Stick

Before putting the sticks in the “bowl of water”, I allowed the frosting to dry for an hour or so to harden.

Fish on a Stick