3 Must-Do Carpool Organization Tips

Have kids? Drive carpool? Think it's crazy? Check out these must-do Carpool Organization Tips!


Have kids? Drive carpool? Think it's crazy? Check out these must-do Carpool Organization Tips!

I have to confess about my current sports situation. We have 3 boys. They all play basketball. Between all 3, they are on 5 teams. Honestly, it’s a bit much. Yes. We over committed. But what is done is done. This means I have to manage getting all 3 kids to practices and games for 5 teams.

I could never, ever manage without awesome fellow moms who are willing to share carpooling duty.

Roll in the carpool scheduling! me. oh. my. It’s simple when there are just 2 of us carpooling. But I do have one team that has 4 kids in the carpool. There is practice of games every week day. We have somewhat of a “set” carpooling schedule, but things happen and we have to trade, switch days, etc.  It’s just not easy to manage!

3 Must-Do Carpool Organization Tips

Use an App

Try Carpool School Edition or Carpool Kids. Keep in mind that all drivers in the carpool will need to have the app on their phone.

Make a Sign-Up

You can go the old fashioned way of a paper/pencil route and pass the sign-up around at the beginning of the season OR step it up a notch and use a sign-up like VolunteerSpot.com.

Here’s why I recommend using Volunteer Spot. Once you set up all the days that you need a carpool for, the carpoolers will be able to sign up and switch spots. They will also get email reminders of when it’s their turn to drive. If you are “in-charge” of setting up the carpool, it super hands off and simple.

Use a Group Text

So many changes can happen last minute. An emergency comes up, a child gets sick and you can’t drive, your car won’t start, practice runs long, etc. All of which you need to notify others in your carpool.

I have found that using a simple group text is awesome!! Many teams that we have been on in the past have used GroupMe. You might think…can’t I just use a group text on my phone?  You can, but the crossover between iOS and Android is not the greatest, and everyone can’t group text on their phone.  The GroupMe allows one person to be in charge of setting up the group text and then everyone else can join in. The instant notification of what is going on is key to keeping your carpool running smoothly.

Do you have any other key carpool tips you would like to share?  Leave us a comment, we would love to know some of your tips!