9 Clever Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

There truly isn’t one person that doesn’t need a few solid storage solutions. Even if you don’t have children, you probably still need a place carved out that you can store out-of-season items or even a spot for your personal sporting equipment. But, if you have kids in sports, your need for storage is exponentially greater – it’s an absolute necessity!

Thankfully, we’ve found some clever and space-saving ways to store all of that big and bulky equipment. Most of the storage solutions we found work best in a garage, but you could easily use them in any area that you’ve designated and have wall space to spare.

15 Clever Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Ball Claw | $19.99

Ball Claw

These cool holders are easily installed and there’s one to fit any ball. Just install the claw and be able to grab the rock at any given time that a pickup game with the neighborhood kids comes to call.

*Note: this solution also helps to preserve the life of your basketballs.

Bungee Cords for Ball Storage DIY

Bungee cords hooked on a simple square frame, make for getting balls in and out easy.  This system fits without hardship in-between the wall and a garage door which is a great way to use any wasted, excess space outside.

Rolling Storage Cart DIY

Rolling Storage Cart DIYIf you have the space, this rolling cart is genius! It’s simple construction and you can get the free plans to built it yourself, HERE. Balls, helmets, gloves, bats, and more can all be fit inside making them easy to get to and not filling up any corners in or outside of the house.

Moveable Wall Storage DIY

Moveable Wall Storage DIY

We love this Rubbermaid FastTrack system.  And personally, I have used these tracks for years and it makes changing the configuration of hooks for each sports season an absolute breeze!  They also sell specific hooks for different sports equipment.

Garage Stud Pockets DIY

Garage Stud Pockets DIY

If your garage walls are unfinished, then check out just how easy it is to add practical storage in-between the studs. Nail a few boards across the studs and just add a few hooks!  These “pockets” are an easy way to utilize the walls and clear any clutter-filled corners.

Laundry Bags | $9.80

Laundry Bags

You can easily buy a pack of these really inexpensively and then utilize them for this rad idea we found at Real Simple. You may have not thought of laundry bags as an easy storage solution for your sports equipment but they work wonders! You can hang multiple balls flat against the wall,  see through it (if you buy mesh or transparent ones), and grab it easily on your way to practice.

Install Some Pegboards DIY

Install Some Pegboards DIY

A wall of peg boards lets you arrange and rearrange your equipment easily! You can essentially hang up anything and everything with its installation. If you add hooks – your softball and baseball bats will have a home. Or, if you add some baskets, like you see in the photo, you can throw in extra practice gloves, batting or golf gloves, and more.

Use DIY Inside Storage Outside

Use DIY Inside Storage Outside

Sometimes the best solution is to use things you already have around the house.  An old dresser or repurposed bookcase could make a great area for sports equipment storage. Or you can buy some of those cubbies we see in stores like Target and WalMart and use them outside!

Repurpose Wood Pieces DIY

Repurpose Wood Pieces DIY

Grab some old pallets and get to work! You can easily create a organization corner in the garage made of of some repurposed wood pieces that can hold all the things; hockey sticks, bats, and more!

Rawlings Equipment Organizer | $40.19

Rawlings Equipment Organizer


If you don’t want to DIY your organization, you can easily find some affordable ways to do it. Just take a look at this Rawlings masterpiece that has a spot for all the major needs. Balls, helmets, bats, and more fit right inside!

Organized Living Skate Rack | $36.17

skate rack organizer

Perfect for the skaters and hockey players, this rack was made with them in mind. It’s easy to install and keeps all of the equipment at an arm’s reach and organized. And it holds two of everything, for brothers and sisters are both neat and tidy.

Innostage Trunk Organizer | $24.99

Innostage Trunk Organizer

Foldable and easy to manuever, just throw this in the trunk and start organizing. This is the perfect solution tosports equipment filling up your car throughout the “in” season. Just place the extra balls, gloves, and the like inside and ready-to-grab.

Organized Living Big Mesh Sports Basket | $43.42

Organized Living Big Mesh Sports Basket

This is a durable mesh basket that can clip onto a lot of different surfaces from grids to pegboards. You can really fill this up with all kinds of sports equipment or just designate it for the very many balls that you have filling up the garage – from basketball, to football, to bouncy balls that the kiddos love!

Neatfreak Two-Tier Sports Bin | $49.99

Neatfreak Two-Tier Sports Bin

Here’s a nice big that’s modern and chic but can help out in the playroom, garage or even in the mudroom with your organization. The fabric bins can be easily wipes clean from any dirt that comes off the equipment and it holds quite a bit as well! It’s also super easy to assemble for those that aren’t the most DIY-inclined.

Hammock Storage | $12.99

Hammock Storage

Now, I know we’re looking at easy organization and storage for stuffed animals here but this works for sports equipment too, we promise! Just install it wherever it’s needed and throw in balls, gloves, and more inside. It’s really just a super simple way to get everything up and off the floor.