Tennis High School drills are a good fit for students and should be made up of practice games and exercises that concentrate on the fun part of the game.

Down The Line / Cross Court Hitting Pattern  Whether it’s a private lesson, semi-private, small or large group training, we have a range of tennis workout drills for players of all levels.

Practice how to move better and observe our tennis footwork drills to up your dynamic stability, movement economy and speed.

Tennis group drills are great for sorts of players and often made up of practice games that can be done in either big or smaller groups.

The inside out forehand has the potential to be a lethal shot which can improve your supply of weapons on the tennis court. The inside out forehand also  likely surprises the player across the net.

Choose here from a selection of usta tennis drills that will improve your player’s, team’s or student’s game a hundred fold. The emphasis here is on consistency, point construction and controlled aggressiveness.

Serve & Volley We provide you with a list of tennis drills that cover a large range of coaching areas and styles for all skill levels, from beginners all the way up to high performance training.

Here we share some of our proven tennis drills for developing singles skills and abilities you need to get to the next level.

Well trained and experienced coaches will be able to easily modify these drills so that they can adjust to the group size and also make it skill appropriate.

This basic tennis drill reinforces the right positioning of the player for consistent and reliable shot-making. This is a great drill for young students learning how to play tennis.

The tennis warm-up drills — that mandatory 15-20 minutes spent warming up your body with tennis specific movements right before a match.

We’ve all seen top tennis players on Television warm up from the baseline for several minutes and then go over most of the basic strokes to “get them warmed up”.

Cardio drills and games during a tennis practice session are vital to improve a player’s footwork and his ability to run down balls consistently without losing his form.

Anyone here looking for live ball drills for advanced juniors? The idea behind the following exercise is to establish rhythm first and then find the right time to get more aggressive.

Christoph Friedrich’s  was created to offer FREE Tennis Videos and articles for group / mini tennis / individual sessions along with exercises from the best tennis schools across the globe.

(3x Shots Approach Volley Drop Shot) We have specifically created this channel to give tennis coaches and players from around the world the best free resource in terms of web tennis drills and game-based training scenario’s that will help players of all levels and abilities to reach their peak. Enjoy.

A series of several terrific drills to use when teaching youth tennis players. This will help with their on court performance.

Drill description: The inside-out forehand or backhand is an effective shot that requires exquisite footwork, trust and impeccable perfect timing.

Baseline drills are valuable for good stroke and tactical habits that aim to develop the student’s accuracy in hitting baseline shots consistently.​

The following tennis drill for starters is designed to practice the player’s serving toss and hand eye coordination.

This playlist looks at group tennis drills that can be utilized for team situations where there is more than 3 students present.

Use this advanced, effective and grinding tennis drill that helps your team to win matches necessary to capture victory on this long path of becoming a pro on the circuit.

3 Shot Sequence Requirement Fun, challenging drills can accelerate a player’s improvement. We pick the best juniors tennis drills for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.

Practice an inside out opening forehand and make it one of the most spectacular and devastating shots in your arsenal.

This tennis training depth rallying drill assists any beginning student to learn how to hit deep shots on a regular basis and with confidence.