Changing Up Fundraising for Youth Sports

Changing Up Fundraising for Youth Sports
Changing Up Fundraising for Youth Sports


loose-change-1167839_1920Moms!  Fundraising can be more than buying a box of donuts or standing at the 4-way with a donation bucket.  Whether you are raising funds for a team or an individual, make it about more than money.   Fundraising is a team building exercise, an opportunity to build social and communication skills, and a creative outlet.  

The same old fundraisers have been done.  Why not think outside of the norm?  Or how about putting a spin on an old fundraiser and making it your own? Consider tying in the purpose of fundraising with the product you are selling.   Whatever you choose to do, make it your own. Originality wins every time.

Know your audience.

What is your target audience?  People who love you and your family?  Your neighbors?  Facebook friends?    Knowing who you want to target gives you direction on how to plan.  You know your community the best.  Take advantage of your personal knowledge.  

Random:  Using social media is an excellent way to advertise, but not to sell.  Face to face interaction increases the chance of someone giving by 80%!

Know your

I’m talking everything from holidays to hunting.  If you plan certain fundraising ideas, you will want to know what will sell and when.  Say you want to sell cookies.  Simple enough.  But be sure it is NOT during Girl Scout season.  Christmas time would be ideal, people are looking for ways to give and tasty cookies are always a great gift.  Stick to a Christmas cookie with a sports theme and you’ll be on your way to a unique fundraiser.  

Though your sport may not be in season, it does not mean fundraising is off limits.


These will be vague descriptions, so you can easily make it your own and get creative.  If you want more details or direction, be sure to email me!

Let’s break it down into 3 categories: Free, Low, and High.
  Free:  No major upfront costs and little to no preparation work
  Low.   Little cost with little preparation
  High.  Upfront cost is high with timely preparation


Gettin’ Ready: Need new uniforms? Go with the purpose of the need. Think “Clothe the Coach.”  Have your coach wear nothing but a swimsuit, holding a sign that explains, every time a certain amount is given, he or she gets to put on an article of clothing.  A sock here, a sock there. Be sure it’s in a public area. The more eyes, the more word gets out.

Picture This:  Come up with a funny or crazy picture that people would want to see again and again!  Make a social media campaign for followers.  When a certain amount  is reached post another picture!  Maybe “What will Coach kiss next?”  Start with a puppy, then $50 for a goat, $100 for a pig.  Keep the anticipation going…

Service Board:  Post on community websites that you or the team will do jobs for a donation.  Be sure to attach a photograph so your potential givers can see your smiling faces and jump at the opportunity to help!  Be sure to work in pairs and with a trusted adult to oversee the operation.


Frozen Lemonade or Coffee:  Why not have a lemonade stand with a twist.  Make homemade lemonade and coffee popsicles.  This is best done during a festival or parade.  Get a cooler on wheels and you are mobile!  Bigger cities may have issues with this, so check it out, first.  Dress up to become more visual.     

Buy the Night:  Pay to have someone deliver a large, obnoxious item for lawn decoration. They have to pay to have it removed or people can buy insurance to keep it out of their yard.  I’ve seen toilets, flamingos, forks.  The works.  Put your own spin on it.

Sports Lawn Movie. Have a sheet and a projector?  You can show a sports movie and have concessions. This can happen at a house or park.  Check into renting a pavilion for additional seating.  Community events can get big, so prepare accordingly.  Be sure to advertise!


Living Museum Night.  Have your team dress as famous sports figures.  People pay a certain amount of money to hear their story.  Dress the part.  Have concessions.    

Wild Game Night. Sell tickets to taste wild meats.  Anything from Deer to Boar.  Alligator to snake.    

$0.10 Auction.  What you need: Donations from your community, anything and everything works.  Think gift cards to toys.  Then buy tickets, buckets, and paper bags.  Set buckets in front of each donated item (let the store know it’s free advertising for them).  

Brown paper bags with 50 tickets inside are sold for $5.00.  Persons can buy as many bags as they want.  If you want a certain item, drop your ticket into the bucket for a chance to “win” that item.  Like it a lot?  Put all your tickets into that bucket.  Have a start and end time to drop in the tickets.  Close the dropping, then begin the auction.

Each item is called out with a winning number that correlates to the brown paper bag number.  As items get donated, advertise it on social media platforms.  Sell concessions for additional profit.  Remember to book a location with tables and chairs provided!

Dump It:  It’s a race!  Buy ping pong balls.  Have people buy numbered balls to win a grand prize. Use a creek to dump the balls down stream.  Have a starting line and finish line.  Give fun prizes out like one for the last ball to reach the finish line.  Remember to use tickets or write down names that correlate to the racing balls.  Double up and sell those frozen coffee or lemonade popsicles at this event.  

Our kids are full of ideas. Let them have fun with fundraising.  Fun is in the word, right?  Just steer them in the right direction.  And do share your ideas with us!  

Final Thoughts:
I hope some of the above ideas will ignite an imagination storm leading to many fundraising functions, that will create great success stories. Yes, Yes!