How to Stay Comfortable in Cold Sports Arenas

Family headed to the sports arena wearing thick clothing and layers

Don’t go unprepared. For those that have to spend time in sports arenas – especially hockey rinks or basketball courts inside large, spacious buildings with the AC cranked up – it can get rather chilly.

There are several quick and easy tips to take to heart to stay comfortable and warm while on the sidelines. Watch your little ones with ease and joy, instead of low temps making you shiver, just by doing a little prep work. Scroll through our 6 ideas for staying comfy in the cold arena below and pocket some of the helpful tidbits.

6 Quick Tips For Staying Comfy in Cold Sports Arenas

Layer Up

This is an easy and obvious one to follow, but it’s also one we forget. When we’re so busy making sure all of the equipment is packed and the kids are fed, we may forget to grab our sweater or scarf. But those extra pieces can really make a difference with your comfort level while in the stands.

Grab a jacket, scarf, and don’t forget to start out with an undershirt. Layer comfortably in a way that you can pile on and take off on the way out as well.

Heated Seat Cushions

Yep, these are a thing and they’re super inexpensive. In fact, you can grab one on Amazon for only $30. These are great gifts for family members that are at the rink a lot and they work wonders for keeping parents comfortable while on the sidelines.

Bring a Blanket

Here’s another obvious one. Aside from you layers, bring a blanket to wrap yourself up in. You can purchase one and keep it in your car that you can restrict to game-only use. And keeping it in your car will offer up less likely chances for it to ever be forgotten – even in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the days.

Wear a Hat

When your head is warm, the rest of your body is more likely to stay warm. Trap the heat up there! Baseball caps or beanies, just take your pick and go with your most stylish preference. There are tons of ways to be both fashion-forward and comfortable while pursuing your goals of staying warm throughout the kids’ play.

Sip On Something Warm

Brew a hot cup of tea or coffee before the game and bring it along! Invest in a thermos that will keep your drink of choice warm for a longer amount of time. Just think of how some warm cocoa will keep you comfortable and satisfied while enjoying practice from the bleachers.

In fact, even some warm apple cider could be the key to your heart this sports season. Just remember to share the wealth and bring some for the fellow players’ parents.

Grab Some Hand Warmers

We may equate hand warmers with outdoor events but they’ll work inside too! Grab those and have yourself extra-specially prepared. You can keep them in your pocket and have them on standby in a convenient and discreet way.