[Guide] Capturing Great Sports Action Shot With Your Phone

how to capture great sports action shots

Our phones are tiny little emergency kits, instantly gratifying info helpers, maps and guides,  communication network, and even our way to take a snapshot of the present to save for the future. Our phones are pretty much a catchall to our life, so if you’re not already utilizing its ability on the ball field too… we’re here to show you all the ins and outs of doing so.

Below, we’re going to walk you through how to capture great sports action shots with your phone. It’s so easy, even the most novice of tech users will be able to practice a smidge and grab a great photograph by the end of the game.

Utilize Burst Mode

Utilize Burst Mode


We’ve gushed about this before, but, Your smartphone has a nice little feature built right into the camera app and that’s called “Burst Mode.” Utilize it!

This means that once the button is pressed down, the camera on your phone will begin to take consecutive photos. This gives you the ability to capture every instant of the action in front of you on camera and all you have to do afterward is pick your favorite frame!

Tap the Screen

Tap the Screen to focus


There’s one small trick to rule them all, and that’s tapping the screen once you’re photo is framed. This is a manual “focus” feature on your phone that not too many know about.

HDR Mode

using HDR mode


Make sure you’ve done your homework on HDR mode. You’ll want to play with these newer settings (if you’ve got them) to create the best, most defining shot.

This mode heightens the dynamic range by joining bright, normal and dark exposures.

Think About the Light

think about lighting when taking photos


The better the lighting, the better the shot. Stay out of the shade and get into the natural sun!

Of course, you won’t want to stay right in the line of the blindingly bright rays, but you’ll definitely want to utilize what’s happening outside naturally. And if you’re indoors, use your best judgment and arrive early enough to scout the best spots.

Follow the Action

follow the action when taking photos at games


Don’t sit in one spot, instead, follow the action and know the game. Gain knowledge of the rules and what happens so you know when to create your best “bet” on a photograph. Predicting the action is the best way to utilize every inch of the court, field, or rink.

Know the Apps

There are tons of apps that will help you get and create the best shot of the game. Here are a few of our favorites:

Action Cam: Allows users to capture 3-9 frames within one second!

QuadCamera: Takes four photos very quickly and then creates one photo showing all four frames.

Gyro Camera: Will allow for horizontal photos (and videos) without issue.

Check out some more photo-action apps by visiting here.

More Tips And Tricks

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