Soccer Target Passing w Defenders #2 Training Drill

Target Passing w Defenders #2

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Basic Information

Age Group: (5-7yrs)(8-11yrs) (12-15yrs)
Number of Players: 8+
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 10-15 min.
Emphasis: Passing, Dribbling, Defending

Field Preparation:

  • cones to mark off area
  • good supply of balls
  • balls placed on flat cones present targets


  • attackers attempt to knock off balls
  • attackers can enter grid only by dribbling across attacking line
  • defenders attempt to knock attacker’s ball outside the grid
  • attacker retrieve ball
  • how many balls get knocked off within 2 min.
  • switch roles often


  • change geometric shape of grid
  • use tall cones as targets
  • vary number of targets
  • vary number of defenders

Coaching Points:

  • change of direction and speed
  • deception
  • set up defender
  • protect the ball
  • vision
  • close control
  • accuracy
  • aggressive and positive mentality
  • placement versus power

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