Thanksgiving Gratefulness Printable

Give your Thanksgiving guests a chance to create a list of things they are thankful for. Use these Thanksgiving Gratefulness Printable Cards this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Gratefulness Printable

As we enter this month of November and ponder all of the things we are thankful for, it’s important we have our kids take time to think about these things too!

We created this simple Gratefulness Printable that you can print out and hand out to everyone at the Thanksgiving table to fill out.

Thanksgiving Gratefulness Printable Cards

It’s a great idea to add names and dates to the back and keep in a special place. Then every year at Thanksgiving time, when you are creating a new list, you can also get out the old ones to see what has changed over time!

Thanksgiving gratefulness cards

Gratefulness Printable

You can grab some gratitude cards here!