Top 10 Most Popular Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Top 10 Most Popular Fundraising Ideas
Top 10 Most Popular Fundraising Ideas

Teams looking for a sure thing when it comes to fundraising will want to consider implementing a few of the most popular fundraisers. These tried and true methods have delivered year after year, enabling sports teams to purchase much needed equipment or to pay for traveling expenses for away games.

50/50 Raffle

50/50 raffles are extremely popular and very easy to put together. The coach simply needs to purchase a roll of raffle tickets. This is the only cost to host this fundraiser. The team members will then take the tickets and sell them to friends, family members, and teachers. Each ticket comes with two stubs. One is placed in a jar and the other is kept by the person who bought it. At the end of the fundraiser, someone from the team will pick a winner from the jar. That person will get half of all of the money that was collected. The team gets to keep the other half.

car wash

Car Wash

There are a few ways to host a car wash. The team can set a price for washing the car, or simply accept donations from the car owner. If the school parking lot isn’t big enough to hold a car wash, the team can ask one of the area businesses if they’d allow them to use their lot. The only expenses are the cleaning agent that is designated for use on vehicles and a few towels. There may even be a parent of one of the team members that would be willing to donate these items.

Candy Bars

Kids love candy, so it isn’t hard to see why selling candy bars is so popular. Parents of the sports team members can also get in on the action and offer a several bars for sale in their places of employment. There are a few different candy bar fundraisers to choose from, however, Hershey’s is probably the best. This is because everyone recognizes the brand and knows it is high quality. These bars also come with a Subway coupon, which makes them even more valuable. Customers will feel as though they are getting a great deal. That makes this fundraiser a win win for all parties involved.


Walk-a-thons don’t cost a dime to put together and they have the potential to raise a great deal of money. It doesn’t hurt that it encourages healthy living through activity either. Team members get pledges from neighbors, friends, and family members. These pledges can be a one-time donation, or a specific amount per mile walked. The coach can arrange for a place to walk. Typically, this is done at a park or on the beach. When the students have finished walking, they can collect on the pledges that were made.

Sell Spiritwear

Spread the team spirit by selling spiritwear. There are several companies that will work with sports teams to provide clothing that represents the school and the specific sports team that is in need of raising funds. Perhaps the best one is Win Win Spiritwear. This company doesn’t have any garment minimums and allows buyers to make purchases online. The team can even set the price of each item depending on how much profit they need to make per piece.

bake sale

Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love homemade baked goods? Schools will find this popular fundraiser very lucrative, as there are no costs associated with it. Team members recruit their parents to help them bake everything from pies to cakes to cinnamon rolls. These goods can then be sold to the community. It is best to do this by joining some special event that is going on in town, such as a Harvest Festival. That’s the best way to reach the largest group of people at once.

Flamingos Galore

One fundraiser that really makes people laugh is covering a lawn with flamingos. There are two ways to make money with this method. First, the team can sell this service to other students and staff members. So one student may pay $15 to have their cousin’s yard decorated with the flamingos. Second, the family who has just been bombarded with flamingos can pay the team to come and remove them.

Penny Drive

Teams can request the help of each classroom within the school. The teachers for each room will then put out a jar to collect the pennies and send a note home to parents so that they know about the fundraiser. The team can prepare a special prize for the class that collects the most pennies, which is a great incentive to get the other students excited about the fundraiser.

Holiday Grams

For each holiday teams can create cute grams for students to send to each other for a fee. At Christmas, for example, a candy cane can have an attached gram that says “Merry Christmas.” Valentine’s Day and Easter are also excellent holidays to take advantage of the holiday gram fundraiser. Students may choose to send these grams to each other anonymously or with their name attached.


Pizza Kits

Partnering with a pizza company to sell pizza kits is very popular because pizza is widely enjoyed and can be customized with toppings that suit the individual. One company worth using is Little Caesar’s. Their pizza kit program allows teams to make $5 on every sale, which really adds up for a nice profit.