Getting Ready for Summer Camp & Camp Packing List PRINTABLE

Find some great tips for getting your child ready for summer camp, complete with FREE camp packing list printable!

The kids will be out of school very SOON!  Summer is around the corner, are you ready!?!  I can’t say that I am totally prepared for all that we have planned for the upcoming months, but I am ready for some slower paced days.  My girls are both going to camp this summer and my oldest will be attending an over-night camp, so I’ve at least starting thing about that.  😉

Here are a few things to consider before sending your kiddo off to camp this summer and included is a printable packing list:

Camp Tip #1: Talk about Roommates.

It’s great if you child is able to have a roommate from home.  It can alleviate some home sickness and make them feel more comfortable.  It is also the perfect time to have a discussion about what makes a good roommate… respecting each other’s property, etc.

Camp Tip #2: Make sure your child knows that they can communicate with you while they are away.

This will hopefully help them feel less homesick, if they are younger.  Every camp has different rules about contacting your children, so make sure you know them in advance. Discuss the rules about communicating with your child at home before go off to camp.

Camp Tip #3:Get to know the camp ahead of time.

Most of the time it’s not  practical to visit them in person but most camps have a website. Find out if there are theme days and let your child look at a map to get a general feel for where everything is located.

Camp Tip #4: Think about your packing list at least a few weeks before camp.

Will you need new or special clothing for camp?  Will you label all clothing and other items? (YES!!)  How will you pack your kids clothes? A lot of people (myself included) prefer to use ziplock bags for each days clothes. Dirty clothes can then be easily exchanged for clean ones.

Make sure your kids toiletries are packed in an easy to carry container just in case they have to haul them to and from the showers. Don’t forget to pack your shower flip-flops!

What items are must have items for camp?  Be sure to read the materials carefully regarding what each camp suggests your camper to bring. Every camp is different.


Here is a helpful camp packing list printable:

Click on the image for a FREE DOWNLOAD.


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