How To Throw A Sports-themed Birthday Party For Adults

Do you need some help planning a birthday party for the sports fan in your life? Well, have no fear, because the options and ideas are nearly endless and we’ve wrangled up some of the best. All you need is to have that birthday gift bought while we help you take care of the rest.

Whether you want to go with a specific sport or a specific team, you’ll need to narrow down exactly what route you want to take. And there are just so many ways to do so. Below, you’ll have five different ways to throw a sports-themed birthday party for adults.

5 Different Ways To Throw A Sports-themed Birthday Party For Adults!

Make It At Game Time

Gather your people to celebrate at game time. Whether they come for a Saturday college football game or a Tuesday night hockey match, coinciding with an actual game will be such a fun way to celebrate!

Make sure everyone wears a jersey and you have a solid amount of snacks and bites for everyone to enjoy. And then, just cross your fingers that the birthday guy or gal’s team wins.

Dress As Your Fav

A costume party, of sorts, could be a really great way to create an interactive event! RSVPs should include the guest list and who they’ll be coming dressed as! From Muhammad Ali to Derek Jeter, there should be a mix of everyone’s favorite athlete at the party.

When it comes to the ladies, Tonya Harding or Serena Williams are some popular and fun choices. You could even theme some specialty cocktails after the guest of honor’s favorite athletes.

A Getaway Weekend

If you really want to blow all other birthday parties out of the water, you could plan a weekend getaway. Check out Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium, or even buy some football tickets ahead of time to coincide with your weekend in Dallas to see the Cowboys.

The entire time can be filled with fun moments between friends and family – all because of someone special’s birthday! They’ll love the time away from work and stress, and that it’s all centered around sports.

Theme It

Of course, a classic birthday party with a fun theme is a great route to take as well. Pick a sport or pick a team and then dress up the house.

Your menu can be themed, the wrapping paper for the birthday gifts can coincide with the Nashville Predators’ colors, and everyone can show up in gear to match! If you don’t want to cause too much fuss this is the way to go.

Hit the Field, Court, Rink, or Alley

And finally, if you want to throw a sports themed birthday party, have everyone truly jump in on the action. Hold the celebration on the field, the court, the rink, or even at the local bowling alley to get in some adult “playtime.”

Whether you want to pal around on the baseball field taking in the fly balls or shooting some hoops on the court, everyone getting active and creating memories will be a great birthday to remember. Just don’t forget to grab a cake!