7 Running Tips for Beginners

healthy woman jogging and recrating

Do you want to start running but aren't quite sure where to start?  Check out these 7 running tips for beginners and get started now!!

I have always WANTED to be a runner.   There’s a big difference in wanting to run and actually doing it, I’ve learned.  At the beginning of this year, I was tired of “being tired” and needed to lose some weight.  I started off walking and I’m slowly…SLOW.LY…starting to run.   With the help of some friends and our amazing readers, we have put together what we think are 7 of the best running tips for beginners!

1.  Start out slow.

Just like the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…things take TIME.  Over doing it will only cause injury and set you back.  One of our readers, Nikki, said this…

Start with a marker…maybe .5 miles then 1 etc. Just because other people can run 5 miles doesn’t mean you have to right away. I only ran 1 mile for weeks and still fractured my foot, so be careful! Then when you are full swing 3 miles…enjoy it. It shouldn’t be work, if it is then slow down. Just do something everyday and don’t give up. Maybe you ran 2 miles yesterday but maybe you will run only 1 tomorrow. Your runners high will get you through the first few months and you may even crave the run…but then that is gone and all you have left is feeling better about yourself and guess what…that is the best feeling in the world! Think of your feet hitting the pavement when you are falling asleep. This will make you want to feel that tomorrow. People put too much pressure on themselves! I run because I like it, and I am the person that “hates to run”. 🙂

2.  Get a good pair of running shoes.

It’s almost always a good idea to start out with the right equipment for anything you are doing…and it’s SO true for running.  It will save you a lot of pain in the “long run” (I couldn’t help myself! 😉 )

3.  Think about what you eat!!

Your body will need more fuel, when you are running!!  Try to eat healthy fruits and veggies, but don’t forget the carbs!!

4.  Stay hydrated.

Drink water and then drink some more water.  Don’t wait until you are running to think about drinking water, make it a habit.   Challenge yourself to drink as much as you can each day.

5.  Find something to listen to while you train.

I download a Podcast or set it to my favorite Pandora station.  Pandora has a whole list of different workout stations.

6.  Get a Buddy or an App to help you stay motivated and focused.

Having a person in your corner and by your side, is a good way to keep you going.  If you don’t know someone that would run with you (or you prefer the quiet time alone) try getting an app that can help.   One reader suggested C25K app.  It’s great for beginners and will help you get to 5 miles in a span of 8 weeks.

7.  Don’t Quit.

It can take up to 2 months to form a new habit.  Habits make tasks easier.  Our brain is an amazing thing.  If we do something enough times it becomes automatic…so keep running it will get easier.

Do you want to start running but aren't quite sure where to start?  Check out these 7 running tips for beginners and get started now!!