5 Must-Have Money Saving Travel Apps

Looking for simple and easy ways to save money while you are traveling? It's easy to save with these 5 Must-Have Money Saving Travel Apps.

When traveling with your sports travel team, expenses can quickly climb. The traveling part is inevitable, but how much we spend when we travel is negotiable. Every penny counts…so taking just a bit of time to try to cut your expenses can make a big impact on your budget!

Before you leave home, be sure to download these Must-Have Money Saving Apps for Travel.  Use them when you are on the road and start saving!

1. Stay at Hand

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Most likely your hotel is booked together as a team (which should have gotten you a discount), but you always run the risk of a reservation getting messed up or needing to add in an extra night. This means you need a last minute reservation, and not an expensive one!

Check out StayAtHand. It Searches for multiple locations and multiple dates all at once. You can request custom offers directly from hotels you can see. And…my favorite feature..with most rooms you can pay at the conclusion of your stay and feel free to cancel or make changes to your reservation (this is no Priceline!).

2. Gas Buddy

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At one or many points during our travel, we will need to fill up on gas. Checking around to see which gas station has the cheapest gas can save up to $.25 or more per gallon! The Gas Buddy app is also great to let you know how far away from the closest gas station you are. Don’t skip out on this one!

3. Travefy

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When traveling as a team, sometimes it’s not easy to get everyone on the same page. Travefy lets you plan everything from the hotel to activities you might want to do in your free time to eating out. The other thing I love, is that you can collect money from your group for expenses before, during or after the trip. The expense tracker makes sure nobody gets stuck with the bill.

4. Wi-Fi Finder Apple & Android

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Have some downtime between games? You might need access to wi-fi so you can get a little work done and not drain your data plan. Use the Wi-Fi Finder to quickly and easily find FREE Wi-Fi when you travel. It’s that easy!

5. Forks

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Feeding everyone while traveling can get really expensive. Using restaurant coupons is an easy way to help save lot of money.

You might want to try out the FORKS app.The FORKS app has thousands of deals at your favorite restaurants and all offers are verified and updated daily! FORKS finds all the best food deals around you so you don’t have to.