PEV Safety Gear: What Your Kids Need to Stay Safe

Child with colorful helmet on PEV scooter
Via Pixabay

The need for speed is real among the younger generation. And we’re noticing that even more in recent years, since PEVs are becoming so popular. But wait—what is a PEV?

PEV stands for personal electric vehicle. Most come in the form of electric scooters or bicycles. If your veteran rider is ready to graduate to something with the ability to move a bit faster, you’ll have to make sure they’re ready to hit the road and safe enough for you to have some peace of mind.

What’s necessary for that safety? And what are some things you can add on for extra layers of protection? Take a peek at our quick guide below.

Necessary PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

We’ve reinforced the importance of your kids wearing appropriate PPE when riding bikes, scooters, and the like before. But that’s even more important when you add the “electric” factor to these vehicles and their speed increases.

What specific items should your little rider be sure to wear on a daily basis? From helmets to knee pads, they should have a full set of gear before they’re given open reign to ride. At some point in time, kids are bound to fall and get hurt—and it’s our job, as parents, to make sure that we soften that blow as much as possible.

You can buy each of these items separately, but keep in mind that you can also find full sets (sans the helmet) as well at places like Amazon.

Here’s the necessary list of PPE your rider should don on their next practice run:

  1. Helmet. It’s imperative that you make sure the helmet fits correctly, as it’s the most important piece of PPE. It will reduce the severity of possible head injuries and give parents more peace of mind.
  2. Wrist guards. So many wrist injuries can happen when you fall off a PEV. Broken wrists (or even the growth plate) aren’t fun to deal with, especially when something as simple as a wrist guard can prevent them.
  3. Elbow pads. Hitting a funny bone isn’t exactly funny. And hitting the concrete with your elbow is absolutely not a good experience for little arms. Elbow pads are another essential. They will reduce the possibility of bloody scrapes and scratches, too.
  4. Knee Pads. Finally, knee pads should be used as well. Similar to elbow pads, they protect the rider from severe injury but also the natural cuts that can happen from hitting the pavement.

Optional Add-On Items

There are several add-on items you could use to keep your kiddos even safer when they’re using electric bikes or scooters. For example, you might add USB headlights for night riding or handlebar bells to alert others while they’re riding the trails. Here’s a list of some not-strictly-necessary but still-very-useful ideas to level up the safety for your kids even more:

  1. USB Headlights: These rechargeable head lamps can fit over helmets and are perfect for adding additional protection on your e-scooters and bikes during nighttime rides.
  2. Handlebar Bells: Tell everyone you’re coming with a set of handlebar bells. They attach to your handlebars and make it easy to ensure your presence is known when you’re riding.
  3. Full-Face Helmets: For PEVs that go a little faster than the kids are used to, maybe purchase a full-face helmet instead of the classic design. These have a shield for the face in case of a collision but also protect from wind and other elements.
  4. Hardcase Backpack: Finally, a hardcase backpack is a good choice for those that ride to school or work. These will keep your items safe and secure while riding—and in case of a fall, they’ll be less likely to take damage!

Best Amazon Finds for PEV Safety Gear

Helmet: Outdoor Master Helmet

Outdoor Master helmet for PEV riders

Price: $29-39

The Outdoor Master Helmet comes in a variety of colors and, according to the reviews, it’s extremely comfortable too. It’s designed for durability and includes a shock resistant shell with removable and washable lining. It has numerous adjustment options as well. No wonder this is an Amazon Bestseller, given its affordable price point and versatility.

Elbow, Wrist & Knee Pads: BOSONER Elbow & Knee Guards

BOSONER elbow and knee guards for PEV riders

Price: $19.99

Check out the BOSONER collection of safety gear for your kids. The price point can’t be beat, and the package includes knee, elbow, and wrist pads. The group comes in a variety of colors, and there are sizes that fit ages 3-15. These products are easily adjustable, lightweight, and include ventilated foam so less moisture becomes trapped.

Handlebar Bells: Accmore Classic Bike Bell

Accmore Classic bike bell for PEV riders

Price: $6.99

You can snag these in single packs or doubles, and they come in a variety of colors as well. These bike bells are user-friendly, and they make just enough noise to signal an oncoming rider and make their presence known. The aluminum bells offer plenty of nostalgia as well as a crisp, clear ring.

USB Headlights: Vont “Pyro” Bike Light Set

Vont Pyro bike light set for PEV riders

Price: $13.99

Attach these to the bike for extra light while night riding. These can be charged with an easy USB cable and will last for over 10 hours! They feature LED bulbs and four different modes of lighting. The set is virtually indestructible—it’s waterproof and can even survive a 10 foot drop without issues.

Full-Face Helmet: Razor, Matte Blue

Matte Blue Razor full face helmet for PEV riders

Price: $47.99

Perfect for riders that ride with a little more speed. Kids on dirt bikes, ebikes, and electric scooters can all use the extra bit of protection a full-face helmet provides. This particular design works great for kids 8–14 years old and comes in both matte blue and black.

Hardcase Backpack: Lenova Legion Armored Backpack

Lenova Legion Armored Backpack for PEV riders

Price: $64

For those that need to carry items while riding, the Lenovo Legion Armored backpack is the best buy. It will keep everything safe with its durability and high-density EVA molded shield and water-resistant fabric. Whether your kids need to carry their laptops or textbooks, its spacious interior will get the job done.