The #1 Way to Avoid Chaos in the Morning !


Mornings can be hectic, let's be honest! It's inevitable that someone either woke up late, forgot to do their homework, or can't find their shoes. Find out what the #1 way to avoid chaos in the morning!

Mornings can be hectic, let’s be honest!  It’s inevitable that someone either woke up late, forgot to do their homework, or can’t find their shoes.  Which is why we need to talk about getting prepared the night before.  We tend to think of nighttime routines as being for young kids. We think of getting their bath ready, tucking them into bed, and reading them a story. But nighttime routines are really helpful for all ages, even teens.
Of course, your teen may think he or she is too old for “nightly routines.” In that case, remind them how hectic mornings are when they are running around like a crazy person trying to get ready. Having a nighttime routine creates structure and helps eliminate this early morning chaos.
Doing a few things before they go to bed each night will make the morning less stressful…for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few things your kiddo can do the night before to help them save time in the morning.

Get Clothes Ready

Spending a little time each night picking out the clothes they want to wear the next day can eliminate a whole lot of stress in the morning.  If your child is indecisive about what to wear, often going through several outfits before finding the perfect one, then this is an absolute ‘must do’ in your house. Even if they aren’t too picky, this step also eliminates time wasted looking for missing shoes, matching socks, or the special t-shirt they need for the day.

Get Book Bag or Backpack Ready

Before heading to bed, make sure they get their backpack ready. Have them double check that homework is where it needs to be, so they can grab it in the morning. If they have any after school activities that require special clothes, a permission slip, money, or anything, make sure it’s in the backpack too.

Prepare Lunch

If your child takes a lunch to school, making it the night before can save a lot of time and trouble in the morning. Make sure you have enough of the foods they like in the house and you can use this great printable (HERE) to help them pack their own lunch.  It’s also a good idea to put all their lunch food together in one area of the refrigerator and pantry, along with the bags or other items they will need for carrying their lunch. Keep it simple and make it easy for them and they will quickly see the benefits of having their lunch packed and ready to grab in the morning!

Get Showered

If your child is a boy, this tip is probably not going to be a problem. Of course, he will still want to wash up in the morning, but won’t need to take a full shower. If you have a girl and/or teen, you might get some resistance. They might argue that they need to shower every morning, so they can wash their hair. (I remember all too well my teenage days!) See if you can reason that out with her or him. Maybe you will strike a compromise…you agree she can still take a shower in the morning if she agrees to wash her hair at night. Anything that saves time works!

Your kiddo can do a lot the night before school to help save time in the morning. This is excellent advice for you, too.  😉  Preparing the night before is THE #1 way to avoid chaos in the morning!