5 of the Best e-Bikes for Younger Riders

girl riding an e-bike

Upgrading your child’s bicycle does not have to be a hard or daunting feat. Instead, it can be fun, especially if they’re solid riders of two wheels. If you are thinking about taking their skills and journeys around the neighborhood to the next level with an e-bike, look no further than this quick and easy list of favorites.

E-bikes are a bit more expensive than your average find, but there are so many advantages to them! They include rechargeable batteries and most models can travel up to 15-25 mph easily, making getting to point B from point A so much quicker. The decision to purchase an e-bike should not be made with the intention of exercise at the forefront though, instead, e-bikes are the best choice for lower cost yet energy efficient transportation which eliminates things like bus rides to school (and far less emissions going out into the world).

Here are 5 of the best e-bikes for kids!

Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike

Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike

The Jetson Bold Folding e-Bike is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use bikes on the list. It’s great for both kids and adults, making for easy transportation to and from school, practice, or work. It has a 15 mile range and can be used on a single charge. It supports up to 250 pounds and folds to fit in any nook and cranny that you need it to fit into (under desks, down hallways, in closers, up and down the stairs, etc). Per customer reviews, the motor is quiet and easily carries you to and from your destination. It’s also one of the more affordable selections.

Price: $339 USD

Where to buy: Amazon

Swagtron EB6



The Swagtron EB6 is an all-terrain fat tire bike that’s perfect for children who need to be able to take a ride on the wild side with the fam or make it to school in the morning without any issues. The design of the tires make for a more comfortable, smoother ride and it features push-button gear shifting as well. The brakes are accessible by a dual-lever and there are multiple ways to keep the bike fully charged – by USB or swapping out for a full second battery.

Price: $799.99 USD

Where to buy: Swagtron

Pedego Trail Tracker Fat Tire Bike

Pedego Trail Tracker Fat Tire Bike

The Fat Tire bike has one of the more comforting designs and a great disc braking system. Those fat tires will truly absorb the shot of tough terrains providing a smoother, easier ride. The purchase comes with a complete, two-year warranty and a lower speed range for our smaller kiddos. With this bike, children can cruise on or off-road, glide over nearly any textures (from sand to mud), and can take them up to 56 miles for only 10 cents worth of electricity.

Price: $2,695.00 – $3,795.00 USD

Where to buy: Pedego

Bulls Twenty4 E

Bulls Twenty4 E

The kids will easily gravitate toward this bike for its design alone. It has a tough exterior and reaches up to 15.5 mph with 4 different levels of pedal assistance. The weight distribution is nice for weight balancing and the entire model comes with a two-year warranty. And all accessories are premium including tires from Schwalbe, a Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.


Price: $3,499 USD

Where to buy: Bulls Bikes

Trek Lift+ Lowstep

Trek Lift+ Lowstep

Here we have a Trek Bike that works for our kids as well. It comes in a variety of fun colors (to personalize for your kiddos) and several different sizes as well. It has a 10-speed drivetrain with clutch, hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable reach levers, and a reinforced wheelset. It also has one of the better overall frames in terms of sturdiness and relaxed riding.

Price: $2,799 USD

Where to buy: Trek Bikes