The Best Golf Apps for iOS & Android

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Improve your swing and spend more productive time at the range. Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest of the golfing world and learn new tricks and tips on the daily as well. Check out some of the best golf apps for iOS & Android below.

Our Top 10 Favorite Golf Apps for iOS & Android

#10: Golfshot

ShotZoom Software – Free (Golfshot Pro free with one-week trial)

GolfshotCheck your swing with Golfshot! With Auto Shot Tracking, you will have the ability to get accurate distances and statistics. With access to over 45,000 real courses worldwide, you’ll be able to perfect your shot in no time within a variety of different experiences. There are also over 400 videos to look over that will give you all the tips and tricks you need to improve your game.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play



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#9: Blast Golf

Blast Motion Inc. – Free with purchase of Blast Gold precision motion sensor and the golf driver/putter attachment to collect data

Blast GolfUse the latest technology to truly analyze your swing and strengthen your game. With the app, you get all the insight into your skills that you’ll need. Replay your video, analyze, share it, and gain insight on what to do and where to go next.

Putt or drive—either way you will be getting into the routine of an innovative practice regimen that you will not only look forward to but that can truly provide you with the advice to go further.

Google Play

#8: The Grint

Grint LLC – Free; Pro Membership $39.99

TheGrint Golf Handicap & GPSThere’s a rangefinder for nearly every course of the world, and this app includes a virtual caddie too. You will receive stats to review—including live performance—and connect with other golfing friends throughout the community.

Features of The Grint include: GPS rangefinder, shot tracking, distance calculation, stats of golfing habits and distances of swings, score cards and keeping, live golf scores, game and point calculation, and connection with the golfing community.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Golfer hitting drive with golf club on course

#7: Shot Tracer

Visual Vertigo Software Technologies GmbH – $5.99

Shot Tracer (Early Access)Track and trace your golf shot with the Shot Tracer app! Not only will the software trace your swing but it will remember the ball’s pathway as well. It’s the best way to truly analyze every nook and cranny of your swing (and your putt!). Reinforce your strengths and improve on your weaker areas.

No Internet is required for it to perform and it has tons of features to help personalize your experience.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

#6: V1

Interactive Frontiers Inc. – Free

V1 GolfV1 Golf is another app that will provide you with swing analysis and video lessons to improve your game. You will have the ability to capture your swings on camera and use the playback tools to figure out what steps to take next to up the ante.

There’s even easy access to share videos with coaches or connect with over thousands of professionals throughout the application itself.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


#5: Imagine Golf

TLDR, Inc. – Free trial (full memberships vary depending on region)

Imagine GolfImagine Golf caters to your mental game, which is just as important as perfecting your physical swing and putting skills. The application was created to build confidence, focus, and emotional strength. Easy tips, visualization techniques, and goal setting exercises are just a small fraction of what’s included.

With the download, you will gain a 7-day free trial before being offered an annual membership that will unlock full access to all features and all available lessons. Pricing will vary per region.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

Aerial shot of golf course

#4: GolfNow – Free

GolfNowIf you’re trying to plan a tee time for you and the boys, this is the app you need to download ASAP. With GolfNow, you’ll have the option to browse tee times from thousands of courses worldwide. And with that option, you also get the best deals as well! So, not only will planning become easier but you’ll be saving as you go.

When you search within the app, you will also become privy to all the reviews for each experience brought to you by actual golfers of that course. You’ll get detailed course information as well, to find and book exactly what you want and need.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

#3: USGA OnDemand

United States Golf Association – Free

USGA OnDemandUSGA OnDemand gives you—you guessed it—on demand access to everything you want to know in the U.S. golfing world. Check out highlight reels, news, schedules, and more!

With the app, you are able to browse throughout a library of every telecast, piece of video footage, and interview you could hope to find. There’s even the ability to view feature films and live streaming of the U.S. Open.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play

#2: GolfLogix

GolfLogix, Inc. – Free ($49.99 per year for Plus Membership)


GolfLogix GPS + Putt LineGolfLogix is one of the most popular golfer’s apps around. It provides you with GPS access to courses all around the globe as well as full-color, 3D course maps, scoring, putt lines, tracking, and discounted tee times too!

It has all the features a golfer could want or need because the app itself was built by golfers. And there’s a Plus Membership that you can upgrade to at any time for $49.99/yearly.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play


Woman squatting on green with putter during game of golf

#1: Hole19

Stat Track Technologies, Lda. – Free

Hole19 Golf GPS & ScorecardAnd finally, there’s Hole19—golf GPS and scorecard. This application will give you accurate distances throughout the greens and keeps your score in one place too. It’s a live player’s paradise in terms of tracking your game.

Features include: GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, course discovery, live leaderboards, and community sharing.

iOS Apple Store / Google Play