Sports Exhaustion

Moms!  It is time to evaluate.  Is your athlete enjoying their sport? Are they setting goals or looking forward to earning that end-of-the-year trophy?  If you are having to even stop and think, it may mean your son or daughter is on the brink of  sports exhaustion.  No worries.  We all get tired.  Everyone needs …

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Preventing Sports Injuries

Kids are just as prone to sports injuries as adults. The only difference is that children tend to heal faster. Once an injury occurs, however, the child athlete must sit on the sidelines for the time frame determined by his or her doctor, and that is no fun at all. It is best to follow …

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When all of your kids are involved in different sports and activities, it can be really difficult to keep track of. Unfortunately, most planners and calendars available to purchase just don’t have enough space to plan out the week for the whole family. My solution is this easy, colorful paint chip game day calendar that …

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4 Players Diagonal Feeding Tennis Balls With Skill and Accuracy Makes A Good Drill Which Makes Feeding One of the key skills of every successful coach.

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3 No Sew Hair Accessories for the Team

3 No Sew Hair Accessories for the Team Alright girls, I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than participating in a sport you love except doing so while looking you’re best alongside your teammates. Simple accessories like bows and ribbons can really add to a team’s sense of unity and confidence without …

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Youth Sports Concussion

Moms!  This stuff is serious.  When you hear the word concussion all kinds of alarms should be going off!  It’s not just a blow to the head.  There is so much more that happens when the brain shakes inside the skull than what we realize. Concussions can happen at anytime, anywhere, in a game or …

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Most players on the intermediate level exclusively practice hitting ground strokes off the baseline. The above drill makes players hit balls from various spots on the court and concentrates on the important footwork needed for each move.

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Kids Playing Soccer

What better way to celebrate the growth of the team and the completion of a successful sports season than to throw a team party? The party also gives kids, parents, and coaches a chance to relax and really enjoy each other’s company. In order to make this event one that will be talked about for …

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Baseline testing for kids, concussion prevention

I was at a team mom meeting for our baseball league last year. All the basics were covered, like team pictures, uniforms, schedule, etc. Great, I was ready to wind up the meeting when a doctor from our local hospital began to hand out some materials about concussions and started a short program on concussion …

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We are offering free quality tennis lesson instruction from trained coaches for all ages and skill levels

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Tennis drills and games are specifically for youngsters and junior players helping them improve in tennis in an enjoyable and natural way.

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The kids will be out of school very SOON!  Summer is around the corner, are you ready!?!  I can’t say that I am totally prepared for all that we have planned for the upcoming months, but I am ready for some slower paced days.  My girls are both going to camp this summer and my oldest …

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Lots of legendary professional tennis players started to learn tennis at a very young age even at 4-5 yrs old, so the earlier a kid can begin to swing a racket and form a passion for the game the better!

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There are plenty great tennis drills that you can do on a court. The sport lends itself well to a variety of options for practice, both with racket and ball.

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The drill helps you recognize where you are locating your visual and mental focus.

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(Transition Baseline To Net) Utilize a vast array of tennis drills for adults that you’ll be able to implement straight away and see great improvements with.

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Do you wear your yoga pants far too often? and not just to the gym? Check out these 6 Best Ever Yoga Pant Alternatives! Stay comfortable and stylish with these options.

Guilty.  Yep, I wear them ALL the time. Yoga Pants. Actually, not all the time, but at least twice a week…and I’m not wearing them to go to the gym, I have them on as my “outfit” for the day. Why?  I want to wear something comfortable and my office is in our home, so …

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This set of advanced tennis drills helps the player to develop his or her forehand / backhand topspin accuracy and consistency.

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Kids are busier than ever. Between a full schedule during the school day and all the extracurricular activities after school, when do they have time to relax? It’s important that kids have interests outside of school and family, but how much is too much? Having a full life is great, but the potential for over-scheduling is a real …

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These groundstroke drill-games provide excellent practice at aiming forehands and backhands and thinking beyond the shot you’re executing.

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The groundstroke, agility, coordination game is of our many tennis drills and games that help players develop their baseline hitting tactics and techniques. ​

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Free 2015 March Madness Printable Basketball Tournament Bracket for Kids

March Madness has ARRIVED!! Who doesn’t have kids who want to print out their own bracket and see how far their teams go in this crazy basketball tournament?!  My boys LOVE to make their own picks and of course try to do better than their dad! Some years I print out a bracket too, just …

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Hosting a March Madness Party or a Basketball Birthday Party? We've got you covered with this free Basketball Party Printable Pack, includes invites & more!

It’s March Madness time and there’s a pretty good chance you may want to host a party to watch a little basketball game or two….or maybe you have a kiddo who wants to have a basketball themed birthday party. Either way, we’ve got you covered with some great, super easy invites and party printables you …

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King Challenge  Tennis drills games are specifically for very young and junior players assisting them to become better in tennis in an enjoyable and organic way.

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