Create Awesome Recap Videos Using These Free Tools

Whether you’re a dad helping to create your young star’s recap reel for his AAU tryouts or a coach creating a highlight video for the softball banquet, there are several different routes to take when creating those films.

These videos are meant to showcase the athlete’s talents, the best of the best from their career or latest season, and hopefully, it’ll catch the eye of a recruiter. So, how do you go about creating that video? Have no fear, as long as you have the footage, we have the know-how and a solid selection of 5 free tools that will help you create some awesome recap videos.

5 Free Tools For Creating Awesome Recap Videos


Animoto begins as a free up but you can access a premium account for just $4.99. And it just may be worth it because this software eliminates all of the excess mumbo jumbo that you don’t need when it comes to recapping videos. The talent stands on its own so you aren’t needed extra pizzazz when it comes to the actual creation of the video.

The app makes the entire process incredibly easy and guides you throughout every step. You can choose your editing style, add photos and videos, insert captions, and even share throughout various social media channels if you’d like.


Krossover is widely used by coaches and athletes all over. Not only can you easily upload and create highlight videos for both teams and individual players, but they’ll even analyze your game film as well.

Thankfully, with a free account, you’ll have unlimited amounts of video storage, which is an added bonus to using this tool made for high school players specifically. The custom recap videos you can make using this system are really going to be one-of-a-kind because you’ll be choosing the best moments from the current season with ease.


HUDL is similar to Krossover as it deals with sports analysis as well. But, there’s the added benefit of members being able to create those recap videos too. All you have to do is upload the clips and then start creating those highlight reels.

You’ll be able to easily share your finished creations as well, which makes everything a bit easier. This kind of software or membership is really great when it comes to recruitment.


Magisto is also a free app that you can download and get to work with immediately. You will have to put a little money in to download your complete video though unless you unlock a premium account for $4.99. Thankfully though, it’s compatible with most devices and operating services.

You’ll be taken on a ride and guided through the process quite easily. Prompted with choices such as editing style and whether to add a soundtrack or not, it works for novice video makers and those with a bit more experience under their belts.


iMovie is one of the most convenient of ways to create quick recap videos or highlight reels for your young athletes – and do it quickly because you can do it so easily right from your iPhone. You just choose which clips you want to roll with and take it from there.

You can even edit between devices. Begin the creation with your smartphone and then finish on your desktop to make life a little easier for you.